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Question regarding dependent who has overstayed their visa

Hi All, Here's a question for the group regarding visas for dependents:

A good friend of mine just received her permanent resident visa and cedula. She's based in Cuenca, which is currently her permanent home, with no intention of heading back to her original home in the near future, as she is quite happy here.

Great news for her. However, there's a catch:

She has a child dependent who is under 18 years of age. However, the child has overstayed their visas to stay here by over a year.

She would very much like to go to Peru on a vacation with me and some other folks, and would like to bring her dependent with her.

She seems to think that upon her return that they, meaning the Ecuador immigration folks, would allow both her dependent back into the country, however I'm fairly confident that although she would not have any issues, her child would be denied and would be required to wait the 9 moths that is the standard amount of time that you need to wait it out before you are allowed to return.

The question for all of you is, has anyone experienced a similar situation, or would have any advice you would be willing share regarding this rather complicated subject?

That said, not sure how she let this happen, but I can assure you she's good people; she's just made a very big boo-boo that I've offered to try and help her figure out.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your ear and looking forward to hearing back from some of you.

Kind Regards,


City: Cuenca