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Dog obedience school

To whom it may concern, My wife wrote a letter August 21 to Gringo post defending Robert of Dog Obedience School against some letters that had been highly critical of him and his training facility. Until that time, we had nothing but positive interactions with him.
In the ensuing months, it became apparent that we were wrong in our assessment due to several incidents.

First, we had a beautiful Rottweiler (Kizzie), whom we had spent around $500 on for Robert's training. We paid for 8 weeks of training and was in week 7 when Robert informed us that Kizzie had bitten a child on his watch. He offered to find a suitable home for the dog where he would be presented with a more appropriate environment (such as being a guard dog). He promised us that he had a replacement dog, an adorable Alaskan husky that he would give us, plus he had already given us a terrier that was to be a "buddy" for Kizzie. The terrier had one month of training and is an adorable dog but is proving to be more than a handful for my wife and I. Robert informed us that he could not afford to give us the husky because of possible lawsuits from the child bite. The photograph he sent of the bite did not look like a bite at all. Even after repeated requests for details of the event, none were given.

A few months later we asked him to supply contact information with the new owner of Kizzie, so we could see about her well being, Robert refused to give us that information, citing that it would interfere with her readjustment. He encouraged us to realize our beloved Rottweiler was gone forever.
Perhaps all of this might be plausible, except since then we have heard of 5 other cases that involved Robert that were remarkably similar. Our vet and other believable sources have told us of other events involving nicely bred dogs "traded" for lesser breeds. And where did our terrier come from?
We have concluded that Robert must be selling off high quality gringo dogs under his care and convincing their owners that the pets were defective, had run away, etc., giving them an inferior dog in compensation and then selling off the quality dog. In all the cases I have heard about, Robert refused to disclose where the dogs were placed etc.
We feel we should share our experience to perhaps prevent another person from being likewise treated. We, therefore, withdraw any support that we gave.

Garry Kaulitz:

City: Cuenca