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Cuenca Garden Co-op seed sale

Our first public offering, Saturday Nov 26, 8-10 am, near the corner of 12 de Abril and Federico Malo (the northwest corner of Parque de la Madre). We will have available over 60 varieties of seeds, all heirloom types, including artichoke, asparagus, 10 types of bean, 9 types of beet, 6 types of carrot, eggplant, 5 types of melon, 3 types of pea, 3 types of radish, 9 types of squash (6 winter, 3 summer), and 3 types of watermelon.

For our full seed list and prices, or for any other questions about membership in our garden co-op, write to us at

Thank you!
Cuenca Garden Co-Op Seed Specials

Next week we will begin selling our seeds, with a special focus on lettuces and greens, which can be grown in window boxes, on terraces and small gardens. Also we will feature a variety of squashes and melons, beans and peas, plants that can be grown on trellises.

Lettuce and greens special:

Heirloom cutting mix with romaine, crisphead, butterhead, and other loose leaf types; 25 seeds for $1.
Pinetree Garden Mix, with over 20 varieties of leaf sweet lettuces; 50 seeds for $1.
Kitchen Sink Mix, with 16 varieties of greens, lettuces, chard, onions and herbs; 50 seeds for $1.
Spicy Italian Mix, with cress, basil, arugula, endive, escarole, radicchio, chicory and mustard; 50 seeds for $1.

Of our 80 varieties of seeds and seedlings, over 90% are heirloom plants, which means that you can harvest seeds from the fruit each season and save the seeds to use again next year. Plus, we embrace the practice of spreading a wide variety of heirloom seeds, seeds that come from all over the world, to Ecuador.

Contact us at to place an order and/or arrange a visit. We will sell our products both at our farm in San Jose de Balzay and deliver to town each week at Parque de la Madre.

Nov 26, from 8 AM-10 AM, Northwest corner of Parque de la Madre

Catty Siguenza: 418 5383