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Cataract surgery

The cost for each eye, again assuming I want the premium lens is $2500 so it's actually $1000 more here than in Dallas. My corneal dystrophy has no impact on the cost. It does have an impact, according to Dr. Ponce, on the delicacy of the surgery.

Now, I am curious to see what this community might have to say on two questions:

• Has anyone had cataract surgery here in Ecuador and gone with the premium lens?
• Has anyone used Dr. Ponce?
• Is $2500 the "going rate" or are there other docs that offer better pricing that might offer the same quality of experience as Dr. Ponce?

We are thinking about buying Bellgenica Insurance which will cover 80% after I am on the policy for one year. I can do that since it’s not critical. I am just anxious to see what it’s like to see with both eyes again.

If Bellgenica really covers the cost, I could wait a year and get both eyes done. Now there’s a thought.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has time to reply.

Steve Feuerbacher