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Advice on repeated household pilfering

I filed a denuncia with the fiscalia, a written report only. Then the person was served notice to give her version, coming up soon.

I didn't actually witness the woman and her daughter, who cleaned for me every Saturday for a couple of hours, take things. I trusted them.

I discovered, on their final day, that $20 was missing from my wallet. After they left, I went thru the house and discovered that they'd taken a lot of my extra things from the backs of drawers and cupboards. Pants, undies, socks, kitchen goods, my emergency food.

It ended up to be about $300.

Anyone in the know here, on how to point the finger at them, since they were the only ones with the run of my house for 3 months.

The woman denies it, and the fiscalia asks me if I saw anything.


City: Cuenca