GringoPost | Ecuador: 3 things I wish someone had told me about before my move to Ecuador

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3 things I wish someone had told me about before my move to Ecuador

The first is about money. Don't bring anything larger than a $20. You will have a very hard time breaking anything larger. Even the banks will not work with you unless you are a customer. The good news is that the ATMs will accept your card. Chips are taking over so it is easier if your card has a chip. Banco Pinchinca allows the highest withdrawal I have found. Up to $600 a day. Of course your bank at home may have a lower limit. Take singles to the mercado.

The second thing is about hot water. Turn the hot water faucet all the way on and leave it there. Cool it down by adding cold water. It took me a year to discover that little hint. It does not work like it does at home. Trust me. I thought we had lousy hot water, turns out it is great.

And the third. Watch your feet while walking, always. If you want to see something, stop and then look up. The sidewalks and streets are littered with dangers. Never mind the dog poop. All these little metal things that stick up, broken sidewaks or tiles. Slants in the sidewalk for drive ways that match the pretty tilework. Post, rocks, uneveness, I mean it goes on and on. I guarantee, if you are not always looking at your feet, you will be on the ground.

Hope these tips help, enjoy your stay in this beautiful, friendly country.

Oh, and one more thing, Ecuadorian time is always late. Get used to it and enjoy living in the moment and the tranquility.


City: Cuenca