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Wardrobe inspiration

My story: (this'll take a while; maybe get a cup or two of coffee, find your favorite chair) Here goes: I said to me: Time to wake up, Remember, chasing the dollar career? All those years, life took over and I had “forgotten” my ideal wardrobe colors. For years I've been wearing someone else's wardrobe colors, colors that put age on me, like when the three of us gals went to the symphony and yikes, we were *all* wearing black. At my age, black isn't artistically cool anymore, it just adds years and, oh boy! I surely *do*not*want* that. Know what I mean? Can anyone relate? Then I got busy and rediscovered my ideal personalized colors that give me a look of what I call cohesive God energy, a natural put together glow, making my eyes sparkle again, my skin glow. (Exfoliating does that too, ha) Now we're talkin'. My first action: purging/molting the dreaded....Black. Oh, no. I have piles of black everything.

Ann Taylor tops even some “cool” (whimper) Chicos stuff I thought was sexy (you wish). So? said my inner voice, ya wanna look older than you already are, wise woman? Shudder, omg, no! Having gotten reintroduced to my ideal wardrobe colors which are “Soft Summer”......time to purge, time to dress smart and stop giving into aging myself. I thought, I want a sleek, ideal smart “wardrobe capsule,” a small amount of clothes that I can coordinate into many outfits, so many colors complimenting each other, it's even easy. Heck, I'll make outfits and photo them so I can just grab and go without wracking my brain. Being retired means no need for the career professional clothes, I can opt for an upbeat casual for everyday errands, having lunches with friends, doctor appointments, dress up occasions, smart travel clothes, all in my colors.

More purging, I pitched my Colombia “going out camping” look; my comfy bright day glow yellow-orange was soo yummy, but the colors screamed, “you look like a walking street warning sign,” the color isn't you. Hello! And then I remember our Cuencano friends all ask why we, expats, all look like we're going out camping. In defense I say, well sure, we're dodging, dog poop, irregular sidewalks, occasional thick metal loops sticking up all by itself, tiny 12" raised cement cylinders like those a friend of mine did a “face plant” unknowingly and in my case being hit by a car coming around a corner. Yes, it's dodgy terrain; hey, I don't have to dress like I'm on an Andes trek in el Centro or anywhere except camping.

I'll opt for color coordinated looking smart foot gear and a nice feminine - my colors - look. Cuenca being a deeply traditional, conservative town, local women go to el Centro, they “dress up.” You're not going to catch me in 4" high, platformed heels. And the carry babies, talk on their phones, while getting on busses! I've seen them. What? I'll opt for the not-going-camping Gringa look. I want to look like it matters what I look like when I step out the door. What's your point here, you ask? Back to purging my trusted enemy colors, for redheads; I'm a blonde. Tossing out colors that make me look seasick. My point is: Yikes, what do I do with all my good clothes (whimper)? Can anyone relate here with anything I've said? Then, I thought, I know.

Find a perfect “free” el Centro location, post an ad in GP, CHL, GT, the two local newspapers and Sell, sell, sell! A “One Day Only Blowout Sale.” Who doesn't love a great deal, in your right color? Who misses consignment shopping? I do! For sure I know our Cuencana friends love, love, love North American clothes: That's my story, a fresh start. And a little pocket $$ in time for whatever. If you can relate, let's get together and get things rolling. Guys too; more coffee?

Sharon Kay: 096 965 1615. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca