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Thank you GringoPost

For those of you who have had things stolen by cab drivers or others, we would like to build a network against future problems that any of you may have.  If this happens to you, you are not alone.  Here's what to do.

1) Call 911.  2) Go immediately to the Police and make an official "denunciation" about what occurred, they will record all your details.  Take note if there were cameras on the street nearby, and give an exact time of the robbery, license plate or name of cab company.  3) Put a notice on GringoPost.  4) If you have any radio connections, see if they will announce it briefly on drivers all listen to the radio and maybe they can assist.  5) Especially at night, call an honest cab company.  6) Lastly, don't get too discouraged, countless robberies happen daily in L.A., New York, etc...

This is very important:  The 911 operator told us that some cab drivers or thieves go to special locations to sell these items fast to get quick money and erase their steps.

Our story: Mashi Yura, "Tree Friends," is building domes for the thousands of earthquake victims who are still homeless.  Last Saturday night at Museo Pumapungo, we presented two different prototypes of these temporary shelters.  1,500 people attended and donated.  Peter played piano while Teatro Barojo acted out a dramatic play about those who survived the shocking terremoto.

After the concert, a cab picked us up with all of our musical equipment...but drove away with a red and orange colored bag containing cables, piano pedal, and 3 Sennheiser mics...worth over $400 in the US and double that here.  Without this equipment, we cannot continue doing concerts to raise money for our brothers and sisters who suffer daily on the coast.  We wrote a spot on GringoPost, and two very generous North Americans offered to loan us mics while we try to recover our gear. Wow!

The cab driver was in an older yellow car.  He was Asian, and his two front teeth were missing.  He could speak English, as he had lived in Houston, Texas.  If anyone recognizes him, please get his license plate number, and call us: 284 8389 or  098 091 6648.

With all gratitude to GringoPost. You're the best,

Peter and Sally.