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Recommendation for HDRN Radio Network, streaming Internet radio

Forget Pandora and the rest of them, this is the best. My favorite is Hard Driving Radio which is metal and hard rock, but there are about 6 genres you can choose from. Go to Facebook and in the search box type HDRN and you should see them. If you are looking for a specific genre, type HDRN and the genre. The genres are Hard Drivin’ Radio, Big 80s Metal, All HDR Classics, All 80s Hits, All 80s Hair, and All HDR Country.

For each FB page, on the right, under About, you will see a specific website for that station. This is where the magic starts, go to that website, and make requests, from a great lineup of tunes you like in your favorite genre.

Now why am I promoting this? First, because as a long time radio junkie, this is the best I have ever found. Second, I have zero financial interest, but I have become online friends with the owners, who frankly, have struggled a bit financially. This is not subscription based and they want to avoid that. But if you like what you hear and see, Please throw them a few bucks each month via Paypal. I have been a faithful listener for almost 3 years. And unlike Pandora, you can listen freely in Ecuador or anywhere. If you have Tune-In on your cell phone, you can listen there too, and use Chromecast to stream it to your TV or Chromecast audio device.

If you have feedback for me please post, and enjoy.

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