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Recommendation for Anima Restaurant, restaurant experience

My husband and I just ate at Anima for the second time. The food was amazing. First, we were brought a small-antique type bird cage. In it were 3 birds made from something flat and crunchy (like chips, but colored like birds) and 2 dipping sauces. Next, we had 2 small, warm pitas and a silver chalice with a red-wine pudding with edible flowers. My main course was Selva, which was thin pieces of wild boar meat with ginger-infused pineapple, greens, mango, flowers, cucumbers, peanut butter dust and green (maybe parsley) sponge cake pieces. To represent the jungle, the chef made a wild animal print out of mayo. My husband had the Cajas - trout, lime snow and foam (to represent the cold cajas), a salad and an incredible side of barley (cooked just to a nutty texture) - probably cooked in oxtail broth.

We split a dessert called "Sueno" (dream) of something - can't remember the word. It arrived with a pillow - the plastic inside the white pillow case was punctured and the plate was put upon the slowly deflating pillow. The dessert consisted of chocolate crumbles, a squash blossom stuffed with strawberry ice cream, some "milk" ice cream formed around a center of brown sugar caramel (I think - it was very good) - sauces, crispy mint leaves with sugar and anise, and other good stuff. We had 2 bottles of water and 2 cups of good coffee. The total bill was $35.25. Most of the tables were full. 

The kitchen has been changed/expanded since we were there before. There are numerous chefs and also students from the culinary school. 

Wine is served, but I didn't check the prices.

Each part of the meal comes with a story. We were presented with another tiny bite of peanut butter candy, covered with chocolate dust (again, I think - delicious).

Eating at Anima is a delightful experience. The menu is in Spanish and English. Some of the wait staff spoke some English. The chef was trained and worked in NYC.

There is a facebook page and they are on Tripadvisor.

Address: 3 de Noviembre y bajado Todos Santos.

Contact information:  099 503 4155

Recommended by Kimberley Wood: