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Question about flying into Ecuador with cat

Hi all, I have a question for the group, I will be arriving at Guayaquil airport, very, very, early in the morning with my cat (Steven) who will be in the cabin with me. My question is about the paperwork. On the documents I was just provided by my vet, it has a spot for the “accredited veterinarian” where she printed her name and signed. Right next to it (to the right) is a second spot for “name of USDA veterinarian” and spot for a signature. She left that blank and said that it was normal to do so. She said it was correct and that the paper work is sent to our state capitol (doesn’t come back) and is signed there by the USDA vet and kept on file.
Is that in your experience correct? I mean, will the Ecuadorian authorities at customs expect this currently unsigned block to have a signature in it? I’ve also noticed that there is a spot for a certificate number which is also blank, although I am more troubled by the unsigned USDA Veterinarian block. My cat’s doctor has assured me this is correct, but I am concerned that I will get to Ecuador and customs will refuse my cat entry, or something of that nature. Thank you so much for your assistance,