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Personal training in Cuenca

Feeling overweight or out of shape? Have you been meaning to start an exercise program, but you can’t figure out how, what or where? Do you need help getting motivated to take that first step?

Hi, my name is Tony. I’m 27 and have visited Cuenca for several extended periods of time, but now have moved here permanently with my brother from the U.S. to be close to my parents.

We are both close to 6’4 and 220 lb. body builders, and we love to motivate people and help them to reach their potential. Exercise and personal fitness are a lifestyle for us, but we know that some people need help in getting started achieving their goals. As we watch our parents aging in years, I am taking steps to help them stay active and agile so they can enjoy their life here in Cuenca to the fullest extent possible.

We have several clients in the city now, but have openings for additional training slots. Trust us, we truly understand that gyms can be intimidating environments for people of all ages. Therefore, we offer one-on-one, or private group personal training sessions. Each program is tailored to the needs and goals of the individual and is done in a supportive and safe environment.

We also have plans to start a new exercise group for women in their 60s and 70s that focuses on the important aspects of regaining and maintaining agility, core strength, bone density and overall health and wellness.

Don’t let physical restrictions stop you from enjoying what should be the best years of your life. Let me help you to find the right combination of exercise and nutrition to achieve your personal goals. It is never too late to start making the changes that will immediately improve the quality of your life.

October 4th to Infinity, Doce de Abril

For more information, visit my Facebook page at Tony Peanut, or

Anthony Collaro: