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Non-acceptance of US currency by vendors, banks?

I have run into several instances of vendors (mall retailers or mercados) not accepting a US Federal Reserve Note of any denomination because it was somewhat worn (as paper is wont to do) or because it had a small stain on the front or back from someone having set something on it, One had something reddish about 1/2 the size of a dime on the back and was refused by a mercado vendor.

Then someone told me that:
- we must to go Banco Central and exchange any bills which are not in perfect to nearly perfect condition
- that other banks will not take them and even Banco Central might refuse them
- that this is because the US (Federal reserve? Treasury?) gave notice about 2 months ago to Ecuador that they will not receive old, worn, stained FRN from Ecuador after sometime in October.

I find all of the above hard to believe so could someone tell me where this whole thing started so I can actually read about it? I cannot find anything on the Internet relating to any US govt organization (or the Fed Reserve) placing restrictions on Ecuador returning worn or stained FRNs.

Is this real? If not, anyone have a solution? After all, begging or debating with vendors about accepting a worn or stained FRN or, on the flip side, us refusing to take the FRN change they proffer just seems looney tunes. Anyone?