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IESS, what’s happening?

I was diagnosed with BPH, enlarged prostate and was told by the urology specialist in Manta that I needed an immediate procedure to correct. Although the doctor had examined me at the IESS hospital in Manta, He told me he could not accept IESS insurance for the operation and it would cost me $2500. I asked him what was the point in paying IESS monthly premiums

He replied, there is no value. I subsequently contacted a doctor booking service online, and specified that I needed a urology specialist who would accept IESS insurance payment. They directed me to a doctor in Quito who told me the procedure would cost me 8-$9000. I asked why it was not covered under IESS as I was advised. He said he could not accept IESS payment, but when I pressed him he said I could apply to IESS for reimbursement after I had paid him. I then went online and sent a request to several doctors asking for treatment under the IESS program. My first response was from a Cuenca doctor who said he operates in the program, but this procedure would be done in his private clinic and not covered by IESS insurance.

My question remains, "Why am I paying IESS monthly premiums?"

John Fisher