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How not to do it

I've learned some hard and costly lessons in my time here, and am sharing that others might benefit. Recently, I purchased an expensive carpet runner for a hall. When it was delivered, it was defective from being folded instead of rolled up. I pointed this out to the owner, but as was assured that it just needed a couple weeks on the floor to take care of the problem. It came with a 10-year warranty, so I was game to give it time, though I was doubtful. Well, 2 months have passed, and the problem is not improved in the slightest, nor do I think any amount of time on the floor will fix it. There have been many conversations with the owner and employees the owner had translate or install other carpet at the same time. Bottom line, though the runner is still defective and though it is warrantied, the owner will not refund any amount of the purchase price or replace it. His suggested "fix" I fear will further damage it.

I have encountered this type of situation, time and time again, promises without follow through. So, just a word to the wise... if something is delivered, and is not in the proper condition, refuse it, as it likely won't be made right. I would also recommend waiting to pay for custom work until completed satisfactorily. (Please, no nasty feedback from gringos who haven't "been there done that." It just "rubs salt in the wound.")