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Goat and cow milk - the differences

Milk here and in the US are from different breeds on different diets, etc. Can someone tell us how to be certain in EC. which is goat milk and which is cow milk? And about goat cheese texture and color?

It seems raw, whole cow milk is not available in Cuenca; that all raw cow milk here has had most all the cream removed to sell at higher prices than milk.

Since goat milk is naturally homogenized we would think it would be at least somewhat yellow since the cream remains in it, and that there would be no cream on top of the goat milk. But we have seen what is sold for goat milk with approx. 1/4" cream on top, and with or without the small amount of cream on top, the milk is snow white. It takes 3x longer to make yogurt than the cow skim milk.

As to goat cheese, is that of EC. firm (not hard) and snow white?

Thank you very much for briefly educating us regarding these two raw milks, and raw goat cheese. Some of us have allergies and health needs that make this information very important and helpful.