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Cuenca Canine Club

Dear clients, friends and the general public, for me it is a pleasure and satisfaction as a canine Trainer for Cuenca Canine Club to share our professional achievements. Today we have completed a very intensive training carried out in Lima, Peru, with a duration of one month, during which time we have strengthened our conviction, commitment, knowledge and techniques. They allow us to better serve you, always thinking of the well-being of our dogs.

Courses taken were led by K9 instructors, Mr. Sergio Gomez Senovilla and Paul Donaldson, who are part of the Canine Units of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom. They belong to the prestigious Canine Security Association Nasdu, UK. They are part of the private company, Top Dog Security, and prestigious Canine school, Kiché K9, which serves various soccer facilities (West Ham United - Wembley - Emirates Stadium -. Arsenal FC). They also serve the border (customs) and train Police Canine Units in different countries (Spain, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh).

These courses were:

1. Training Course for Professional Canine Trainers, Lima - PerĂș from September 19 to October 15, 2016.

2. International Seminar on Detection of Substances and Search Protocols.

Same which have the support of the Peruvian Association of Trainers and Canine Instructors and the National Association of Canine Trainers of Spain.

Dog world is constantly changing and no matter the cost, time and sacrifices to be made, it is our obligation as professionals to be on the cutting edge of it. On behalf of Cuenca Canine Club and myself I can only be grateful for all your support and trust, thank you.

Alex Flores

Cuenca Canine Club 099 069 4342. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca