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Recommendation for Patricia Olivio, Spanish instruction

I'm currently taking intermediate-level Spanish classes with Patricia Olivio at her school, Pensar en Español. There were a number of grammatical roadblocks making it difficult for me to progress to the next level, but Patricia has been clearing them up one-by-one and helping me to grasp things that other teachers, videos, books, etc., invariably failed to do. Reflexive verbs, pronoun placement, idiomatic expressions, essential elements of syntax -- she can teach it all, and in a way that makes much more sense than from any other source I've tried. And speaking as someone with over 25 years in adult education, I can easily spot another professional educator, and I can tell you without hesitation that her methods are very well thought-out, effective, and easy to follow. Her rates are also very affordable. The upcoming classes she's offering breaks down to less than $4 per hour, which is very, very competitive. Patricia speaks more-than-adequate English to facilitate your learning experience, so that's not an issue. Please note that she has a new batch of classes (for all levels of learners) beginning this coming Monday, the 26th. Class sizes are limited to 5 people, so don't wait. Classes are $65 for 18 hours of instruction. For those looking for one-on-one instruction/tutoring, she's available for that as well, and she also does classes by Skype for those who can't get out. Her office/classroom is in El Centro, in the 5 - 6 story building just across Padre Aguirre from Plaza San Francisco. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about my experiences. You can contact Patricia directly,

Address: Cuenca, on Padre Aguirre, directly across from Plaza San Francisco

Contact information: 099 590 7240

Recommended by Jeff Schinsky: