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Household goods container inspection

Dear Friends:

I am sure many of you have shipped your household goods in a shipping container. Could you share your experience of how the inspection is done? What is the step-by-step process? Can someone answer the following questions:

- What happens when the container arrives in Ecuador?
- How long does the container sit till it is inspected?
- Is it OK to give the key to inspector while away doing the paperwork?
- How many inspectors and how long does it take to complete the inspection?
- What are the inspectors look for?
- Is it legal to tip them?
- Are they friendly and approachable?
- What dos and don'ts to do during the inspection?
- What to do so that the content does not get mixed with other container's content during inspection?
- How is the fine and taxation done?
- Once the inspection is done, how long does it take to receive the container?
- Is it better to buy the container or just rent it?
- Anything I missed on the list?

Thank you for your time,


City: Cuenca