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FBI background check

Just looking for any helpful advice. Moved from USA to Cuenca with my Ecuadorian wife recently. I have all the paperwork I need except the FBI background check (even have my USA State background check), which was all that used to be required.

Before leaving the States, I tried many times with (an FBI approved channeler) but kept getting submissions returned stating that my fingerprint card was not good enough quality. I went to more than one police agency to get fingerprinted too.

So on my last try, I went to an approved FBI finger print location and was scanned with a computer and got a good looking fingerprint card. I mailed this card directly to FBI, but it may take up to 4 months to hear from them. I did that 2 months ago and we needed to come to Cuenca, so here I am waiting to hear from FBI in the States. I have someone there checking my mail for me.

I was just wondering if anyone else might advise me on their successful completion of this task since Ecuador started requiring FBI reports. Thank you very much,


City: Cuenca