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Recommendation for Carolina Smokehouse, smokehouse

I have read many posts on GringoPost for Carolina Smokehouse so I paid a visit last week. It happened that it was one of their special baking days and I treated myself to a good cup of coffee and an incredible moist cinnamon muffin -- for one dollar. Judith was taking care of the store and she was such a huge help and so nice. I took home bacon and sausage as well as biscuit mix. Today my wife made a traditional farm breakfast with bacon, sausage and biscuits from the goodies I took home. If you have not tried the bacon and sausage run don't walk to Carolina Smokehouse. They were both phenomenal. The bacon was probably the best I have ever had anywhere and trust me I have eaten my share of bacon in the US before coming to Cuenca. It was perfectly smoked with just the right flavors. It cooked up crispy and was just so good. The sausage was everything good breakfast sausage should be -- sage flavor and moist. It was perfect on our fluffy biscuits (I also added maple syrup on the biscuit which is perfect with the sausage). We will enjoy many more trips to the store and will plan on Wednesdays as I look forward to their special baked goods.

Address: Honorato Vasquez y Hermano Miguel, El Centro, Cuenca

Recommended by Karl Dada: