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Recommendation for Alex and Christian, dog training/boarding/transfer

This is a recommendation for Alex and his brother Christian, I have come to call Alex the Dog Whisperer of Cuenca and I believe others do as well. Not only does Alex train dogs but he also boards and transports them and will tell you exactly the costs for his services. You can find him every morning along the river walking the dogs in his care and letting them know he is the Alpha dog - they all fall in step behind his heels. Alex and his brother Christian also share the work load of caring for the dogs, transporting dogs, people and packages at reasonable prices. They are very kind, courteous and caring both to you and your four legged friends.

Christian Flores - Cell: 099 291 7736 Email: I recently had a foot injury and was unable to care for my 6-month-old very active puppy and Alex took her in his care. She is now the best trained dog who gets lots of love from his entire family. The entire family, including his wife, took turns bringing her for visits. Christian now drives me to my errands and is always on time and his rates are very reasonable. I would highly recommend both Alex and Christian for all your pet needs as well as general transportation.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 069 4342

Recommended by Libby Bassant: