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Update: US to Claro calls/texts, feedback

I had asked if the community of people in the US could call me and/or text me on my cheap little Claro phone. A knowledgeable individual replied with the answer, Yes. It will cost the caller overseas fees, but, yes. They will use the sequence: 0115939693925##. Leave out the zero in the beginning of the Claro number.

I presume I can call the US, but I didn't try that. Too expensive. I'll use magicJack for that.

Thank you Knowledgeable Individual.


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The website - My Social Security has just sent me an email notice that: "When you sign in at with your username and password, we will ask you to add your text-enabled cell phone number. The purpose of providing your cell phone number is that, each time you log in to your account with your username and password, we will send you a one-time security code you must also enter to log in successfully to your account."
I do not have a text-enabled cell phone except for my cheap little Claro.

My question: Can the US call my Claro phone number directly? 096 939 2505?