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Donations accepted for needy couple

Donations, garage sale left overs. Now accepting donations for a needy new couple. 1st baby on the way. Woman just graduated from high school; man - construction work.

Background: I'm a permanent resident since 1996, live on a small farm, married 20 years to a local lady. We've integrated years ago into a rural valley community of an indigenous agrarian society. Throughout a given year, wife Susi and I find a needy single mom or couple for whom we accept donations. In this case, we've known this couple a long time (woman, 18, known since birth, man, 32, known since early teens. (LOL, haven't met the baby, to be born Dec.).

They're soon to be setting up housekeeping in a small apartment outside of Cuenca for peace and quiet, having both been born in the countryside, used to same. They have no vehicle so we're transporting donations.

Donations needed urgently. Used, functional, aesthetics not important. They need just about everything:

1. Bed: 2 or 3 place, mattress, blankets, sheets, pillows and cases
2. Appliances: blender, toaster, microwave, gas or electric cook stove/oven, fridge
3. Kitchen: pots, fry pans, plates, glasses/mugs
4. Furniture: baby crib or bed, high-chair, sofa, chairs, 2 place or 4 place or more dining set/table/chairs, night stands, LR table etc..
5. Clothes, i.e. woman's size 7-8, baby clothes, used or newish. Men's 33 trousers, USA size 8 footgear (size 40 Ecuadorian), med-large to large jackets/shirts
6. Household items: anything useful, including clock, lamps, radio, TV, light bulbs, decoratives such as nic-naks, flower vases, etc.

What they already have: a telephone, flatware and some, but not all, cooking utensils, toaster oven and misc items we have already procured for them. Susi and I have allocated $250 to this cause personally as well as transport.

The man, Theodoro Fajardo has a bit of saved money but much less than needed for a complete household setup (see donation list needed), yet they want to embark on a life together and get out of Dodge so to speak and start anew. With a baby on the way and zero insurance, I'm encouraging Theodoro to save money for obvious reasons, hence Susi and my donation program. The Lady, Karla Coronel, 6 months’ pregnant wants to attend to the baby for a year exclusively, then commence higher education and business concurrently as was her plan before pregnancy. She is an excellent student, winning personality, a go getter personality and bakes a righteous cake and bread selection, and will sell baked goods and breads once set up with the appropriate kitchen gear. She's leaving behind at her single mother's house all the kitchen gear she's used to using. She's industrious and so is Theodoro. We like to help those who will indeed help themselves. "Jump starting" people is our goal here.

When do we need the donations? Now. Yesterday. This week, next week, next month. They want to move out of our valley this weekend into an apartment before the baby is born. Susi and I are urgently appealing to anyone who can donate 1 or more items above, large or small in volume or value. I can pick them up in my jeep or truck or, better still, we can bring the lady with us 7 days a week or both Theodoro and Karla on weekends, and you can donate the item(s) personally or we can arrange a meeting with the couple in the evening to accept donations straight from you (this is our preferred method...good for you and them, good for expats' reputations as benevolent people).

Theodoro is a contractor's assistant and can use tools and work clothes as well, he's the unique bread winner for the time being until baking augments the family income. His size is about a man's medium... size 33 trousers, USA 8 or Ecuadorian 40 shoes/boots, med to large shirts/jackets, and btw, work clothes don't need exact fits.

Food donations can help as well, non-perishables only.

Contact my wife or me:
Chuck Brown 07 421 3178 and Susi 421 3179
both phones are land line numbers (Etapa mobiles), if dialing from cell, prefix 07.
or email my wife, susi1971 at

Thank you all in advance. Let's make some smiles and a few tears of happiness. We've helped five people/couples/single moms in this valley in the last couple years, some with multiple "hauls" in my 2-ton truck.

Important...Garage sale left overs graciously accepted for the same couple.

Chuck and Susana Brown: 07 421 3178. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca