GringoPost | Ecuador: Traversing Ordonez Lasso on foot? Don't make this painful mistake.

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Traversing Ordonez Lasso on foot? Don't make this painful mistake.

After several months of destruction of a good street and much un-level sidewalk, four lanes of pavement have been replaced almost down to Cruz Azul. While sidewalks and the boulevard are still not replaced, leaving only the new pavement to walk on, as far as it goes. There are myriad hurdles on it after months, e.g. tools laying across it; many unmarked openings for utilities; wires, large piles of rocky dirt that are constantly moved to control limited traffic or for other reasons; sacks of sand, workmen, etc.

Recently while jumping across from one pavement to another to avoid some of these hurdles and to escape fast moving cars (yes! you read it right), and silent, fast motor bikes that approach from behind, and not trusting pedestrian placed, wobbly rocks for the purpose, I sprained my upper foot below the ankle. At first I thought arthritis was setting in; however, today I spoke with two others who had the identical injury in so doing. Though the unstable rocks, dirt, etc. often are no longer in the preferred places since things are moved by the construction crew from day to day, even so, it may be best to use some of these rather than jumping across to the parallel lane.

The good news is that one of the guys who suffered this injury said he was helped greatly by chiropractor Dr. Duane Connell on Los Pinos near the area. My problem is that I must walk nearly the half mile to his office.