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Returning Social Security Form SSA7162OCRSM

There was a recent post about this biannual form from SSA. It turns out, my wife receives hers on odd years, mine are even.

I recommend that you do not return these via the Ecuadorian post office!

Last year we returned my wife's form using them. I tracked to Miami and then nothing further. We received a second notice threatening to curtail payments. The form was mailed through Correos again and got to Miami again, and no further. I called. It seems that the post office here was just stapling the paperwork to my envelope rather than putting it in a cardboard mailer as they had previously. The package was getting to Miami separated from its paperwork.

We went ten weeks without receiving her monthly benefit. It took numerous calls as well as folks who told you what you wanted to hear just to get rid of you. We finally had to involve the Embassy to get reinstated.

I don't know if things have changed in the last few months at Correos. I'll never use them for anything important again.

My recommendation is DHL for $60. You know it will get there. I've used other services such as FedEx where my package sat in two different countries for two days each time because they're a franchise and FedEx has no control over their lack of service.

Rich Westcott:

City: Cuenca