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Recommendation for Jodie Mansfield, Visa Angels

I just wanted to post and highly recommend Visa Angels and Jodie Mansfield for the outstanding experience I had in obtaining my resident visa. Last September my other family members arrived in Cuenca and applied for their resident visas. They used a well-known visa facilitator here in Cuenca and had a very difficult, time-consuming and costly experience. When I first arrived, I heard so many expat horror stories about the visa process that I was honestly expecting the worst and a very difficult time. One couple recommended Visa Angels and It was the best advice I could have taken. 

When I emailed I was put in touch with Jodie Mansfield. When we first met she outlined exactly what the process is from start to finish and gave me a listing of all the documents and steps we needed to take. She thoroughly described the application process and was very informative and knowledgeable. Visa Angels does not charge for providing visa application process information but in addition you can have Jodie accompany you as a provider of personal services to all the different government buildings for a very reasonable fee. I chose to have her accompanied me and she was an invaluable resource. What impressed me the most was Jodie's close working relationship with the staff at all the different government offices. She also spoke with the officials beforehand to find out if there were any recent changes to the application process or new information for the resident visa I was applying.

Over the next month and a half, we went through all of the steps she outlined and I was granted my Visa and obtained my Cedula in the exact timeframe she specified. And all the fees and total costs were at a fraction of the aforementioned visa facilitator my other family members used. Everything went so smoothly and there were no issues, additional documents needed or extension costs.

For anyone wishing to apply for a resident visa I highly recommend Visa Angels and definitely Jodie Mansfield. My hope is that others wanting to locate here to Cuenca, Ecuador read GringoPost and learn this information before they make the costly mistake of using the most popularly advertised visa obtaining services.

Address: Cuenca, Azuay

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