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Recommendation for Isabel Mosquera, facilitator extraordinaire

I have recommended Isabel Mosquera before and I am doing so once again. I am living in Ecuador on an Investment Visa which requires that I renew my visa every year. I had a stroke last year and my memory has been affected. As a result, I didn't realize this year that my visa expired on July 2nd. I was therefore living in Cuenca without a valid visa and I could have been deported or, if I left the country, would not have been allowed reentry. Isabel has helped me to renew my visa for the last three years. When I told Isabel that my visa had expired, she was very concerned that Immigration would not renew it. Many of you reading this know that the personnel at the Immigration Office are often times very rigid and usually follow their regulations very closely, without exception. But Isabel has a strong working relationship with them and they have great respect for her. We were both a bit surprised and extremely relieved when they accepted my renewal. Isabel is amazing and has never failed to get her clients their visas, no matter how difficult the situation. There are many qualified facilitators in Cuenca. However, in my opinion, Isabel is the best. She speaks perfect English, and is uncompromisingly professional and honest. I am truly blessed to have Isabel as my friend.

You can reach her at or 099 960 3663.

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Richard Minkin: