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Recommendation for Emanuel Orellana, handyman extraordinaire

My husband and I would like to recommend Emanuel Orellana. He helped us with many different projects: he ran a new electric line for us (up until then we popped the same breaker over and over); he helped us hang an antique petit point tapestry by having a beautiful rod and hangers made from scratch and the carpentry work is absolutely beautiful; he helped us get a new washing machine up and running (all the hoses, etc.); he built a cabinet to house our new gas oven and again the craftsmanship is outstanding; and he added side shelves to our bathroom under-the-sink cabinets which gained us twice the space. We live in an older condominium here in Cuenca and what impressed us most was his ability to think outside the box and to be able to troubleshoot and come up with a method that worked here. We think very highly of him and believe him to be an honest and upstanding young man.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 610 9894 or 099 176 6140

Recommended by Steven Stroud: