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Recommendation for Edwin Loja, cheapest rental

We would like to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Edwin Loja who is our dear driver and so much more. Edwin darling, thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We arrived in Ecuador 3 months ago and he took us under his wings. He started out as our driver. Than he took care of everything we needed. Translation, shopping, dealing for the lowest furniture prices, finding us a covered large truck for our move, helped us opening a bank account that took us only 10 minutes, and finally, he found us this gorgeous, new, 3 story, 5-bedroom house with beautiful tiles and wooden floor, a fireplace, a bath tub, (don't laugh, most houses have showers but not many of them have bath tubs here), a huge country kitchen and this is all in a beautiful countryside with spectacular view. Oh, how I love the fresh air here. We are about an hour outside of Cuenca towards Paute. Paute's Sunday and Wednesday open markets are wonderful. El Cabo's in-the-wall little restaurants on the main road offer lunches for $2.50-$3. The air is clean, greenery is lush. Edwin can find anybody a great place out here for Ecuadorian prices, and he will not take advantage of your wallet. He says, you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars more for rent just because you are not Ecuadorian. Our Edwin is a wonderful young man, speaks fluent English and he is honest as one can be. If you need more info about the area, please don't hesitate to contact him. Besides, I need a lady friend to do girly stuff with out here. So don't hesitate, move to El Cabo or to Paute or Guachapala. Ask Edwin to find you a nice rental house for Ecuadorian price.

Address: El Cabo, Paute, Guachapala

Contact information: 099 371 3936

Recommended by Keira Wagner: