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Recommendation for Dr Jose Acosta, dentistry

My wife and I have had dental work done by Dr. Jose Acosta Vazquez and we highly recommend him. Don’t laugh, try not to even smile, but I have been in a dental chair here in Cuenca 188 times since Nov of 2012. With that I now find I have a new profession, I’m a professional dental patient, not a very happy field to be in, but it is the way it is. My first dentist took off all 28 of my caps, pulled 7 teeth, did a couple of root canals and placed in 7 implants in my mouth. So far I replaced 16 of those teeth and have three more to be replaced as a bridge where the first of the 7 implants came out, hopefully that is the last. Linda with the same bad dentist had a bridge of three teeth in front and a few teeth in the back of the mouth. Problem is the three tooth bridge in front was straight not curved and not looking real. In fixing that problem Dr. Vazquez took off the bridge and when he did he found one implant crooked and the second one partially in the bone, mostly just in the gum and it was evident in the photo. She had to let the bone heal for over 6 months after the implant removals. At the time she had to have bone material put in the bone where the implants were, due to lack of bone. To hold the bone material in place the doctor had to put in a titanium mess screen to over the bone material and then cover it with her skin. It was well over a year before she could have the implants put in properly and another 4 months for them to heal properly. Dr. Vazquez is an Ecuadorian, but he speaks very good English and I feel you won’t be dissatisfied with his expertise experience in dentistry. If you want the name of the bad dentist I can give you that; just send me a private email to, but I can say he is young and he is in Gringoland the last time I heard.

Address: Edyardi Nybiz t G. Grand Colombia. Edf. Alcala, Detras suc. Bco. Pacifico. POBox 01-01631

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Recommended by Ron Phillips: 07 28 283 2637