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Recommendation for Cristina Chuquimarca, physical therapy

I am recommending Cristina Chuquimarca for physical therapy treatments. I first met Cristina when I went for massage treatments at Fox Gym Center. I have had chronic neck issues due to compressed discs and was seeking relief more from the symptoms of pain and tightness. I could not sleep for months; then my doctor sent me to Cristina for massage on my neck and she has done an amazing job. Cris was very personable and attentive and, although we spoke in Spanish, she also speaks English; but limited. She uses a translator on your computer to communicate better. I attended 10 sessions and obtained considerable relief from my symptoms, including an increased flexibility and mobility. I can sleep without pain.

she offers physical therapy treatments targeted at pain relief for a variety of symptoms and conditions including neck, back, shoulders, knees, herniated, discs, and hemiplegia, etc. currently she offers treatments in the fox gym center only, and here sessions are very reasonable, at $20 which may vary in duration from 40 minutes to an hour depending on the condition being treated. also she indicated many exercises into gym depending on the disease.

I found Cris to be courteous and professional and her service very convenient. I highly recommend her for her physical therapy services.

Address: Fox Gym Center at Edificio Riverside / Avenida Ordo├▒ezz Lasso

Contact information: 099 276 1339.

Recommended by George Rioja: