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PuntoNet problems - feedback requested

PuntoNet customers: Have you experienced problems and what have you done to remedy them? Please comment below. Since installing PuntoNet and the “required configuration” of my router to accommodate the service, I've experienced the following issues:

1. A loss of wireless scan to computer function
2. A loss of wireless printing function
3. Suspicious clicks at the start up
4. Frequent (several times per day) locking up and timing out of the internet and a need to reboot all devices, including magicJack.
5. Boot up processes of 5+ minutes; prior my computer took less than 90 seconds to boot up.
6. Several attempts of Windows KB3035583 “updates” to add spyware, or Windows 10 add-ons
7. The bizarre system-generated creation of “libraries” which share all data, music and photos on my hard drive to unknown entities via the network. Original data in my hard drive folders being subsequently cannibalized and deleted. All files I try to save are “defaulted” to these libraries and I cannot disable or remove them.
8. A proliferation of spam (an average of 17 emails per day) from porn websites, mostly.

Particularly disturbing is the $20 service charge I encounter each time I ask for fixes to these problems which began following the PuntoNet fiber optic service installation. When I asked Tony about this, he implied it was due to me changing the configuration, an impossible feat b/c my configuration is locked down and I was never given the admin passwords to change anything.

When I asked him to restore my print/scan capability, he said it couldn't be done and suggested I install a spyware (Windows 10) as a fix. I asked for restoration of my original (pre-PuntoNet) configuration, which would at least restore the function of scan/print sans a physical USB connection and was told this would be impossible unless I shared all my data, music, photos (everything) via the "network".

Seems strange b/c I never had to share the contents of my hard drive or install spyware for network nodes to work in the past. I've had two other computer/network engineers tell me to stop using Windows and switch to Linux, but I've only had a brief introduction to this O.S. 15 years ago. Switching to Linux implies a steep learning curve and cessation of all computer/internet activity until that learning curve can be overcome. Not impossible, but impractical. Before I endeavor to do such, I'd like to see if someone cleverer than I has a remedy.

Your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated by me and everyone in the community.

Thank you kindly in advance,