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Investment question, what to do?

Dear Friends, I have been hearing lots of rumors about upcoming economic collapse and the possibility that the dollar will be useless soon. There are lots of youtube videos on the subject and also many money experts talk and write about the upcoming economic collapse. The questions are:

1) How can you protect your dollar saved in the US banks while living in Ecuador? If the dollar drops, then how to protect it now before it's too late. Two ideas that I hear are a) buy gold and silver b) buy a house or land. I really want to know more workable ideas than these two.

2) Is it wise to move the money from US to Ecuador or just leave the money in US banks?

3) Is it wise to buy Chinese yuan and stash it somewhere? If so, how and where to buy it?

4) Let's say that you move the money close to you (from US to Ecuador), if collapse happens, what will happen to your money? The economic collapse will impact the economy here too.

5) What backup plans do you recommend to protect the savings?

These are important questions that are worth pondering. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Thank you for that advice. I appreciate your time and your wisdom.


City: Cuenca