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Driving in Ecuador

Words of caution for gringos with a vehicle (and I apologize if I'm the only one who didn't know this) but, don't assume that those lights you see flash as you go under them aren't functional. I had the misfortune (yes, my fault) of being recorded speeding in Santa Elena province by, not one, but two, of these cameras. In the first instance, I was recorded going 112 km/h (about 7 mph over the speed limit). In the 2nd instance, literally 8 minutes later, I was captured going 11 7km/h (about 10 mph over). Of course, you can see the photo of your car, but no real proof of the speed so you have to take their word for it.

The fine for each one was over $106. So be careful out there and don't assume those flashing lights aren't working. Of course, I wasn't aware of these "violations" until I went to renew my matricula, thus giving the authorities the opportunity to tack on $15 in late fees on each.

In any case, the office in Capaulispamba told me to go pay the fine at a Western Union office and return to complete my application (why I couldn't pay it at the Banco Pacifico office there in the complex...I don't know). So, off to WU, but no, they had no record and sent me to Banco de Guayaqiul. Nope, they said Banco Then off to the EMOV office in the parking garage under Parque de la Madre who sent me to the Oficina omission Transito off of Paucabamba.

Finally, except the only person that could take my money wasn't available until the next day. Oh well, life in and learn.