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Recommendation for Wilson Munoz Muebleria, furniture manufacturer

This is one of the best furniture builders I've found in Cuenca. Wilson is very talented and speaks perfect English so is able to communicate effectively. Is able to read and understand your drawings, or can reproduce anything from a simple photo. Understands inch measure or cm measure. All work is guaranteed and is done in a timely manner. The cost is unbelievably fair. I've had other things made here in Cuenca but never to these standards. I take my drawings in to Wilson and we discuss how is the best way to proceed and he always has good suggestions as to which way to go. I end up with the best piece possible. I've had only solid wood items made by Wilson and the finishes are always perfect and to the exact color I ask for.

If you are looking for a special piece for your place, do not fail to see Wilson first. You will not be disappointed. The last piece he built for me was a beautiful solid-wood room divider to my exact specifications and drawings. Wilson is truly an artist in wood.

Address: Sucre 13-20 y Juan Montalvo just west of Parque Calderon

Contact information:  095 956 6258

Recommended by John Smith: 096 840 0904