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Recommendation for Orlando Siguenza, driver - facilitator

I highly recommend Orlando to anyone living in, or visiting, Cuenca or Ecuador who needs any kind of assistance.

He looks after my apartment when I'm gone, gets things ready before I come back, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of not just Cuenca, but all of Ecuador. There has never been a time that I needed something or someone that Orlando has not been able to find it/them.

He's also a licensed guide and also the best, most careful driver I know, has driven me from GYE to Cuenca numerous times, as well as all over the area to look for places to rent or things I needed to buy. He lived in the US, speaks great English, "gets" North Americans, and is always on time.

You can reach him at, or 098 585 4587. You won't be disappointed.

Recommended by Alan Hochman: