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Recommendation for Lee Haworth, astrology readings

I highly recommend Lee Haworth as an astrologer. She combines a background in psychology with an intuitive approach. With a PhD in Jungian psychology from Pacifica Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, and many years’ experience as a psychologist, Lee brings compassion and understanding to her readings. Before you meet with Lee she’ll research your astrological information thoroughly using your chart and something called “Human Design.”

At the meeting, she’ll present you with your personal astrology chart, the Human Design chart and a detailed text. She’ll review all these during the two-hour appointment and answer any questions. 

I found Lee to be caring, assisting me in a greater understanding of why I’m here in this particular incarnation at this particular time. She confirmed for me some things I’ve intuited and has inspired me too.

For all of this, Lee asks for a minimum donation of $32.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

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Recommended by Suzanne Freddie: