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Recommendation for Joseph Guznay, Visa facilitator in Quito

My wife and I came to Ecuador on April 2nd. We brought all our documents notarized and apostilled from the USA to get our retiree residency visa. Joseph Guznay was highly recommended here on GringoPost so we contacted him. He is very prompt to reply to emails. He is in Quito but he has an assistance working for him right here in Cuenca. We've sent him our paperwork on May 03, 2016 overnight (cost about $3 from Cuenca to Quito). Mr. Guznay's fee as of right now is $500 (might be subject to change in the future?). We deposited half of that amount in to his bank account plus sent him $50 / each person for the application fee. Only 2 weeks later on May 18th we've received an email from Joseph saying "I have good news for you. Your residency visas were approved today. Congratulations!" In two weeks. Can you believe it? In only 2 weeks. But that's what everybody is telling us who hired Joseph, that their residency visas were approved within 2-3 weeks. So, after our paperwork was approved for our visas we met Joseph's assistance in Cuenca, deposited $500 my visa fee + $200 for my wife's visa into Joseph's bank account so he can pay those fees in our name to the Ministry.

We also gave our passports to his assistant who shipped it to him overnight. Don't be afraid to deposit money into Joseph's bank account. Within a couple of days, he emailed us all the receipts (PDF files) as proof of payment to the Ecuadorian government. He is the most honest person and he is very reliable. Joseph is not an attorney although he has a law degree. He used to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the very same Ministry who approves the visas. He knows people. How does the saying go? Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know. We never had to fly or drive to Quito. Joseph did everything for us. About after a week our visas were approved we met Joseph's assistant again in Cuenca at the entrance of the Registro Civil to pick up our passports with the new residency visa in it and to get our cedulas. We had to hand her $25 / ea , total of $50 for fees and as per Joseph's instructions we gave her the 2nd half of Joseph's fees which she deposited into Joseph's bank account. At the Registro Civil everything went smooth. The young lady at the information desk entered some info into her computer from our passports. After that she printed us some numbers and told us to wait to be called. The computer system was down prior our arrival and there were about 50-70 people in front of us waiting. Guess what? Our number was called right away. No waiting time. Not even one minute. They took care of our passports right away. I've never seen something like that. After that we had to go to another window to get our cedulas. We were told to wait for about an hour. So we went for lunch. We went back after 45 minutes, Joseph's assistance walked up to the window and the gentleman told her our cedulas were ready. That's it folks. I've never, ever, seen such smooth work. You want to be approved fast? Contact Mr. Joseph Guznay. He is the man.

Email: - cell 098 747 3181

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