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Recommendation for Gerardo Taupante, handyman

Expat friends turned me on to Gerardo and I'm so glad they did. The faucet in my kitchen was leaking from the stem. Gerardo made three attempts to repair it, so as to avoid my having to spend money on a new one. After each attempted repair, the faucet worked for a short period of time. After each failed attempt, I called Gerardo and told him the fix didn't work. He immediately returned to try again. After all attempts to repair it, we agreed that I'd have to replace it. The following morning, Gerardo searched numerous stores to find a suitable replacement. In the end, he found a replacement sleeve for only $15. A new faucet would have cost me upwards of $60. Gerardo speaks English and is obviously an honest guy. I would highly recommend him for and work you need in your apartment or house.

Address: Ordones Lasso y Del Sarar

Contact information:  097 954 5868

Recommended by Richard Minkin.