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Recommendation for Dra Viviana Rimbaldo, primary care doctor

I survived rheumatic fever. Quite an accomplishment considering I had no medical care. 20 years later, it was Dra Rimbaldo who actually didn't say, "it's all in your head". She asked many questions and observed me, and a hypothesis was born. How many doctors missed this problem when I lived in the States. I even went to a cardiologist for a minor problem before moving here, and he thought my heart problem was caused by a chronic viral infection. Wrong. But Dra Rimbaldo got it right the first visit, 20 years after the active phase of the illness.

I recommend Dra Rimbaldo heartily and without reservation to anyone looking for the real thing: a genuine, caring, old time general physician who observes, and treats the patient like a human being with a medical issue. Bring a translator. She charges $10 for a visit of any length. Her office hours are Monday-Friday 1:30-6 or 7 PM; Saturdays 9-1 PM. She carefully prescribes, accurately diagnoses, and will refer you to the appropriate specialist if necessary. When my husband was very sick, she gave me her cell number and told me to call her day or night. I actually did that, from home and from the ERs. She can also help you gradually get off of dangerous meds or medicines you no longer need and must be weened from like anti-depressants, beta blockers and statins. Go in and take a number. No appointments, just first come, first served.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Recommended by Miriam Drake: