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Make your own security

I've lived here 20 years and often I see/read/hear of people leaving things in taxis such as wallets, cell phones and purses, not to mention umbrellas and packages. Rarely does a taxi driver even attempt to find the owner, but pockets the stuff. It seems hat's just the way they are here.

If you can't keep your wits about you and check to see if you have everything when you exit a taxi, then do the obvious, write the license plate number of the taxi and the company in your small note book which you should always carry so as to contact said taxi driver or his co-op or the police to retrieve your stuff.

Writing the tag number down also assures some security in case of other issues such as a runaway with your luggage (yes it happens). I always call someone with the tag number on my phone in the first place in case there are unkind issues from any taxista. If you don't think all this is worth your time you are richer than I.

Create your own security and use your common sense. Your brain is your best survival tool. Don't be a sap.

Chuck/Susana Brown