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Is PuntoNet asking higher prices...

.....from expats? No? So, we moved into our new place a week ago and had PuntoNet here to inspect our property to determine if their fiber optic service could be installed at our location. For my work of teaching English online I need solid internet and upon confirmation that they could indeed install here I signed a contract for their 15 Mbps service at the steep price of $130 per month. It never entered my mind that an internet service provider would offer the same service to other clients at different prices. Now I discover that friends of mine are only paying $30 a month for 10 Mbps from PuntoNet and that they were quoted only $50 month for the 15 Mbps service that I signed a contract to pay $130 a month for. I felt that this was very high but as I cannot work without it. I chalked it up to the cost of doing business. So I am very curious as to what others are paying and if in fact they did take advantage of our naivety as new Americans in Cuenca, and if I have any recourse to change my contract. I would appreciate any input any of you could give. Thank you,