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IESS or private health insurance?

Throughout my five years of experience in the health insurance world, I have been able to see both sides of the coin, as an agent and as Manager of the customer service department in a very well-known hospital here in Cuenca. With these experiences I have gathered much information on how insurance really works, that being said:

Private insurance: it does really work. Most insurance companies deliver what they promise, the problem is they don't specify what those promises are and more importantly how it all works (the fine and many details involved).

We should always keep in mind that we're dealing with insuring our bodies, which can be complex. Each person has their own history of health conditions (good and bad) and also idea of how they want to use their insurance, or some don't want to use it all. Regardless, it’s something we all need and use at one point or another.

Ideally you want your insurance to be there for you when you need it, and for it to be a pleasant experience, be it an emergency or in a preventive manner (exams, check-ups) dental, etc. And of course you don't want to deal with reimbursements.

Drawing the line: If you go IESS you have many risks involved concerning mal-practice (no one cares if you complain) and un-hygienic environment, long waits for appointments and the need of a translator.

Going private provides you with open access to the best bi-lingual Doctors in Cuenca and Hospitals, their labs and medications. It’s your health. You should be able to choose when you want an exam and what Dr. you want to see. IESS makes you see a GP first, then a specialist, etc. Medications, IESS 90% generic, private your choice plus delivery of medication, IESS wait in line and see what they have and don't have, private insurance get everything including continuous meds.

For more info write me or call.

Madeleine Gonzalez: 098 630 4185