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Helpful Ecuadorians

The Ecuadorian people continue to impress me with their friendliness and helpful attitudes. There really are no gas lines so everything is done via gas tanks (approx. twice the size of the ones in the states) so there are trucks that cruise through the neighborhoods with full tanks to switch out your empties. As the trucks slowly drive through the area they tap their horns to alert possible customers. This morning I just missed the guy. I shouted from my open window and he did not hear me. Another guy was getting his morning exercise by walking the outline of the basketball court in front of our apt. He heard me shout, looked up at me and asked, in Spanish, if I needed gas.

I indicated I did and this stranger sprinted to the far end of the park (at least 100 yards), caught the driver and sent him back to my apt. He then continued his walk around the court as if nothing had happened. There was absolutely no hesitation on his part to do this for a complete stranger. Once my transaction was completed, I walked over to the fellow on the basketball court, shook his hand, and thanked him for what he did. This is certainly not the first time some Ecuadorian has gone out of their way to help me.

Terry Woodruff