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Ecuadorian regulations for money that leaves the country?

Dear All,Ppretty soon I need to leave the country with my family and I have just been told that there seem to be new regulations if you take money with you while leaving the country. I am not sure and for me it seems a bit like rumors because I know the international laws that apply for every country that one person can only have $10,000 in his or her pocket on an international flight but know several people who told me that Ecuador had applied a special rule that only permits $1,180 per person. Can that be true? I traveled some times to Ecuador and also left the country afterwards but I have never been asked about the amount of money I carry while leaving, only while entering the country so far. Since my last entry was more than a year ago and new regulations and laws pop out here every now and then, I would like to ask you guys before I get problems at the airport and maybe miss my flight because of a long queue in front of the customs office at the airport.

Can anybody who took a flight within the last months or weeks tell me if you have been asked about the money you carry? Or if you have been informed by your travel agency about that? It helps us a lot. It would be best to write me the date of the flight and if you have been asked.

Thank you very much in advance,