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Diabetes information

Recently someone posted an invitation to download a "free book" on "natural type 2 diabetes treatment". A friend of mine forwarded the download to me, and I immediately recognized it as what it was...propaganda, where the author utilizes a variety of deceptive techniques, logical fallacies, and glittering generalities. As credible diabetes educators know and emphasize, lifestyle is the first avenue for health and without adopting healthful behaviors, treatment is likely to be unsuccessful or less successful. There's no argument about this...until...there is. Until someone publishes a "book" that pretends to be saying something different than credentialed diabetes educators are saying...pretends that they're saying something "incredible" or "miraculous". When you see either of those two words associated with healthcare, then run for the hills and hide your pocketbook.

Which brings me to the man who is "giving away" the "cure" for diabetes. Today I received two emails, one from the same friend who had downloaded and shared the ebook with me. She forwarded a second email from the person who'd posted the link to the "free" book, who apologized for sending the book, at the same time asking her to click on a link to a "Youtube video that reveals significantly more". Oh boy.

The second email is from the Nutrition Action Newsletter - a non-profit org that I subscribe to. Today's issue is actually a reprint from May, 2015, entitled, "Don’t Take Diabetes Advice from Strangers: Looking for diabetes advice in all the wrong places? Don't be fooled—take this advice instead." The article describes the myriad of ways these scammers get consumers to click on links taking them to merchandise to "cure" them of diabetes "naturally". Costing lots of money. None of the information is proprietary, and all of the information  available can be obtained for free, but, you need to be careful of where you click. My Friday column this week will revisit "cures" for diabetes. I look forward to your questions and comments.

Susan Burke March