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Cuenca Dental Tourism, Dr. Woods, American dcntist

Many of us are disappointed that more of our family and friends do not visit from the US. Dental tourism is one possible enticement to encourage them to visit us and to experience the beauty of Ecuador. Dental care here is only a fraction of the cost of identical care in the US. The savings can more than pay for the trip. Dental implants, often not covered by insurance in the US, cost about a third of the cost there. We work with a hospital based oral surgeon who speaks perfect English, did part of his training in the US, and offers sedation for the procedures using a hospital based anesthesiologist. The implants are the same implants used in the US and accept standard attachments available around the world.

Our office is open from 10 AM to 4 PM, Tue, Thur, Fri. I did my doctoral training at the University of Missouri at Kansaa City School of Dentistry and did my residency training in the US Army. After many years of practicing and teaching I have opened a small dental practice in Cuenca. My doctoral diploma is registered with Senescyt 7733R-13-8895 and I am licensed with the Minesterio de Salud Publica to practice my profession in all of Ecuador 016072999-4.

Our office is at 05-07 Nicanor Aguilar y Solano across the street from the International Christian Church. Our land line is 07 288 5393 and my cell is 097 924 6002.

Dr. Alan Woods: