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Recommendation for Guido Alvarez, watercolor classes

I dreamed about taking watercolor classes before I lived in Cuenca. Now that I'm here I've found a wonderful teacher, Guido Alvarez. He taught architecture at the U of Cuenca for many years and painted as a hobby. Over the years he has mastered many watercolor techniques and is a well-known and respected artist in Cuenca. Now he has opened a galeria and workshop where he has space for students like me. His classes are open-ended and casual. I just show up in the mornings for 2-3 hours a few days a week and paint. Guido encourages me to expand my awareness of painting styles by viewing his library of books and videos. 

As a bonus, Guido speaks Spanish, which helps me experience learning more of the language in a non-stressful way. Also, he has a way of showing what to do even if I don't understand his exact words. Being in his galeria is so much fun. We always stop at some point to drink some tea or coffee. If you've had a desire to try, or to continue watercolor painting this probably is the best spot in Cuenca. Cost: $5 per hour and I usually pay at the end of the week, so for me it's about $30 to have access to this fabulous teacher and Cuenca treasure. Stop by and check it out. Just come and he will get you started. If you happen to have any supplies; brushes, watercolor paints, paper, do bring them. I'm usually there 9:30 AM – noon, Mondays and Fridays, and either Wednesday or Thursday depending on the week.
Email me if you have any questions.

Address: Tres Puentes Building on 27 de Febrero across from the Yanuncay Rio. Just east of Solano. Free parking.

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Recommended by Monica Hiatt