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Recommendation for Aubree at RumiSol, Yoga

Yoga should never be said without “Aubree at RumiSol Yoga”in the same breath. Here in Cuenca, we have many yoga options, but not many that leave you gob-smacked at the end of each session. I know the excuses: “I’m too old,” “I’m too fat,” “I am not physically capable of doing yoga.”

Some of you know me. I’m old (70 in August, I’m fat, and I have neuropathy and fibromyalga and can barely move. After six weeks of working with Aubree once a week, I was able to walk down five flights of stairs and climb back up them because our electricity was out and the elevator wasn’t running. I certainly could not have done that before Aubree.

So, pack up your excuses and call Aubree. She will come to you or you can join her at her beautiful new studio on Remigio Tamirez.

Address: Remigio Tamariz 21-00, Cuenca

Contact information:  099 255 6981

Recommended by Sheryl Cooper: 098 536 4752